The Europe

The project entailed the provision of an underground building for the existing hotel to provide 5,000m² of Spa and Leisure facilities. The ground conditions comprise sand and gravel. The proposed 2 storey underground extension abuts the existing 5 storey building on two sides and as such requires for the provision of secant piled wall with 2 rows of ground anchors to minimise deflections to the existing masonry buildings. The excavation depth extends to a maximum of 11m.

The Spa building itself consists a reinforced concrete frame with a grade 3 basement classification. As the building is entirely submerged, but for extensive glazing to the views on the south elevation, waterproofing is of utmost importance. The swimming pool area is also concrete frame with an exposed concrete soffit to the roof slab.

Winner of the ‘Best building in the landscape’ RIAI award 2009

Architect: Gottstein Architects